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Exito Model

EXITO Decals 1/32 Eastern Front Aces

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EXITO Decals 1/32 Eastern Front Aces

Our 10th decal set is entitled “Eastern Front Fighters” and covers three different Messerschmitts flown by notable Luftwaffe aces in the East:
- Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-7, ‘White 2’, flown by Lt. Heinrich Ehrler of 4./JG 5, Alakurtti, Finland, late April 1942.
- Messerschmitt Bf 109 F-4 trop, WNr. 10266, flown by Maj. Gordon Gollob, Kommodore of JG 77, Oktoberfeld, Crimea, Soviet Union, between June 2 and 6, 1942.
- Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6, ‘White 10’, flown by Oblt. Robert ‘Bazi’ Weiß, Kapitän of 10./JG 54, northern sector of the Eastern front, USSR, January 1944.

The markings for Ehrler’s ‘Emil’ and G-6 of ‘Bazi’ Weiß have never been reproduced in decal form before, whilst Gollob’s Bf 109 F-4 trop did not receive enough attention from other manufacturers. To our knowledge, this is the first decal set on the market that contains the 4./JG 5 emblem (including a bonus one). Illustrations were created by Janusz Swiatlon and Anders Hjortsberg.

This decal sheet was printed by industry leader, Cartograf of Italy, which ensures top printing quality and ease of application. It is complemented by instructions that differ from the plain market standard. Each subject is presented on an A4-sized sheet, with large side aircraft profiles printed on the front, and the remaining artwork, photos of the actual aircraft and all necessary information laid out on the rear side. This way you not only get some cool decals for your model kit, but also attractive posters to adorn your man cave, at the same time!

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