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TAKOM 1/350 Flak Tower I Berliner Zoo G Tower

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Vyr. číslo : TAK6004

TAKOM 1/350 Flak Tower I Berliner Zoo G Tower

Plastikový model flakturmu 1/350


The Zoo flak tower[1][2] (German: Flakturm TiergartenTiergarten Flak Tower or commonly referred to as the "Zoo Tower") was a fortified flak tower that existed in Berlin from 1941 to 1947. It was one of several flak towers that protected Berlin from Allied bomber raids. Its primary role was as a gun platform to protect the government building district of Berlin; in addition, the Hochbunker (blockhouse) was designed to be used as a civilian air-raid shelter. It also contained a hospital and a radio transmitter for use by the German leadership, and provided secure storage facilities for art treasures.[3]


During the Battle of Berlin, it acted as a citadel and by depressing its large anti-aircraft artillery, its garrison was able to provide support for ground operations against the Soviet Red Army.

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